The Band

Founded in 2006, just two guys, ALL LIVE!

Tom on Vocals & Guitar

Ian on the Clam Steamer (a.k.a. Cocktail Drum Kit of his own creation)

….and, if you're lucky, Danc'n Todd will be there, showing why he's known as, "the best d*@# dancer in the 585"! We're working hard to be the BIGGEST little band IN THE WORLD (or Rochester, whichever comes first).

TOM - Guitar, Vocals

Tom grew up in the Megatropolis of Hudson Falls, NY.  He was born into a very musical family and has had classical vocal training.  Although he's tried to destroy all evidence, Tom was an active member of his high school Drama Club, even taking on lead-roles in several musicals.  SOME (very few) would say he was the inspiration for Troy Bolton.

On their first Christmas as a married couple (1996), his wife bought Tom his first guitar, creating a monster. Yes, he's heard, "Hey, you look like Gary LeVox of Rascal Flatts." However no, Tom doesn't play any of Rascal's songs. JUMBO isn't his real name, but calling him JUMBO is just fine.

Tom plays a Takamine FD360SC/Martin HD28/Gretsch Hawaiin G-3100. His first guitar, "The Original" was an Oscar Schmidt OG-2M.

IAN - Drums, Percussion

Ian was born in Brooklyn, NY but was raised in Carmel, NY (aka: "Mayberry RFD"). He started playing drums at age 5. His first kit was a Mickey Mouse drum set he received for Chanukah...yes, Chanukah. He stands while playing barefoot. He says it helps him to appear taller. Yes, he's heard, "You look like Billy Crystal" his entire adult life! No, Ian is not bald, he just likes wearing baseball hats. He says it's easier than having to style the "Jew-Fro".  

Ian plays a drum kit of his own creation, dubbed the "Clam Steamer."